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Watercolor / Artist's Statemnet

Watercolor is something I have been doing for the past 20 years.

Through my various careers / jobs and relationships with the people and world around me, painting has been what has gotten me through to the other side of problems, angst, sad and happy times. It is important to be constant in something, while the rest of your life is going on.

Painting / Drawing have been constant in my activity and thoughts the end result has always surprised me. Whether the image be created indoor, outdoors or on the train I am always surprised looking at these paintings a year or two later.

Sometimes the image created might not actually look like what I was trying to paint. It shows how I felt at the time is reflected in the image. The subject matter has not always been what is most important when I paint; it is more how I feel about the area or my personal response to life in general. These feelings are reflected in the painting at the time they are created.

I have been commuting to Boston the past 10 years and have found that painting on the train is an entertaining solution to time spent reading, sleeping, or watching, or just chewing on thoughts, that don’t go away.

These days I get the same amount of satisfaction now as when I started painting. Whether the paintings are any better now I don’t know; but I always feel better for having done them.

Sam Scholz

I have worked as an artist for pay in some fashion or another since graduating from Massachusetts College of Art in 1984.

Lately I have been working as a Multimedia Artist since Graduating U Mass Lowell’s multimedia program in 1996.