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Sam Scholz
4 Washington Street, Amesbury, MA 01913
Home / Cell: 978-465-2970

OBJECTIVE: To work with media for people in a progressive soundly managed enviroment, and have as much fun as possible, in spite of ourselves..

Sam Scholz has been a Multimedia Director / Manager for 37 years, with the last 20 in the Finance Industry directing all Internal Video / Initiatives, for Wholesalers, Human Resources, Marketing, and Executive Management of a 103 year old multi-national investment firm. All Internal video is streamed via video cloud technology, with a heavy embrace of emerging technologies and a blend of the old school, and all corralled with-in a SharePoint 2010 environment

Previously Mr. Scholz spent 12 years in the Medical Research Industry, developing ISDN video technology, and multimedia / web content for Cancer and Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Before there was Research there was 8 years in the computer industry working as a manufacturing engineer developing Process documentation for new products in the microcomputer industry. With a heavy reliance on the then burgeoning field of Multimedia, and the new apple AV machines.  Sam is an avid multimedia evangelist and painter on the train and holds a BFA in Film and Illustration with an emphasis on Character Animation (Chuck Jones School) from the Massachusetts College of Art.

Professional Employment

Eaton Vance August 2000 - RetiredMultimedia Manager
Work with-in IT to aid Marketing, Corporate, Executive, Legal, HR, and Sales / Event Planning in multi media efforts. training video, corporate broadcasts, media conversion and distribution, DVD USB.

  • Streaming Video, Hosting, Capture, Broadcast, Brighcove
  • Microsoft Teams
  • SharePoint 2014
  • Red-Dot
  • WireCast
  • Adobe Suite
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Final Cut 7
  • BrightCove
  • Joomla
  • Apple DVD production
  • Live Webcasts
  • Training seminars
  • Short turn-around time
  • Host mangagement

July 1999 - Aug 2000. Multimedia / Web Design
eServices Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
Responsible for all Web development design, corporate presence of the BIDMC and its affiliated hospitals, and all Medical Departments. Responsible for multimedia/video content. Report directly to CIO John Halamka, also worked with Corporate Communications, Web Clients, and Grant recipients. .

July 1997 - July 1999 Multimedia Director
Center for Clinical Computing Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
Boston, MA.
Web Authoring, CD Development, Multimedia design, and content development.
Produced 3 interactive CD-ROM's, 2 Hybrid CD ROM's.
Created interactive shockwave, for web educational material.
Art direction for all printed media as well as trade show posters and art.

March1997 - May 1997 Content Developer
Mediamation. An all-purpose individual. Working tradeshows, multimedia programming, sound design, web page development, traffic/Project management.

March - May 1997 Fizz interactive.
Sales, project management, animation design. Work as Art Director with programmers to provide timely cost effective solutions for clients. Whether website development, multimedia design and delivery, or traditional corporate needs.

1995-July 1997 Desktop Publishing - Coastal Region Real Estate Guide.
Design, layout, and assemble a bimonthly Real Estate guide.
Book layout was done with PageMaker 6.5, Pictures scanned into Photoshop 3.0, retouched and placed into PageMaker. Illustrator, Freehand, used for additional illustration/graphics.
Database archived and stored on disk, and archival tape.

1986-March 1996 Stratus Computer - Sr. Technical Illustrator/ System Administrator Responsible for all new products' visual assembly documentation: creation, production, database archiving and maintenance. Documentation was created using or creating 3d, solids databases that could be modified later per engineering updates. System administration of an installed base of 250 computers: Apple, Sun Microsystems, and PCs. Updated and maintained the Manufacturing Test Engineering Home Page.

1985-1988 Concurrent Computers
Westford, MA New Products Manufacturing Illustrator Designed and maintained all visual assembly documentation and Video documentation used by Assemblers, Field Service, and Marketing. Documents generated via Macintosh computer using Adobe Illustrator, PageMaker and Aldus Freehand. All video was shot and edited on Sony Beta and released on VHS.

1984 Creative Arts for kids
Teach cartooning and illustration, and animation, to children in after school program.


Emerson College Film/Public Speaking

Massachusetts College of Art - BFA Film / Illustration (Animation)

University of Massachusetts - Lowell /UNIX Certificate

University of Massachusetts - Lowell /Multimedia Certificate