Multi-Media CD's

Women to Women (Breast Cancer)

Baby CareLink (CD-Rom) with Tape / DVD

Baby CareLink "We're home now!" Follow up(CD-ROM) with Tape / DVD


Links of Friends

Doug Bechler - Sneaker Designer / Woodworker

Gordon Przybyla - Painter -

Susan Bolles - Set Design -

Brian Herbert - Web Guy, Softball Player, Fishes with Bugs, from Maine

Rocks House - A graduated college student now a real employee.

American Artist Website
I like alot of what the artist have to say about their technique and work.

Various Automotive Repairs.

VW Passat Brake

VW Passat PCV valve replacement

Vacuum Hose Replacement

Nice picture of that Replacement

Finding a Key Replacement

Awesome Art

Business / Finance / Education

Eaton Vance Mutual Funds
There are a lot of sites with-in this site

Tom Oconnell
Concrete, Glass, Metal, Artist

Doug Bechler - Sneaker Designer / Woodworker